Salon with Modern African Furniture Designer: Jomo Tariku

Monday / October 22 / 8:00 AM

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Date & Time

Monday, October 22
8:00 am - 9:00 am

Jomo Tariku is an Ethiopian American local industrial designer. Jomo is defining a new design language for modern African themed furniture by synthesizing his experience of the continent’s diverse cultures, historical structures, architecture, traditional furniture, colors, artifacts, natural environment, endemic wildlife, indigenous dresses and hairstyles. Blending the memories of his formative years in Ethiopia with travel through the rest of the continent, Jomo’s design offers a new line of inquiry and experience of modernity while venerating the rich historical palette of Africa. The Nyala Chair, Birth Chair II and Kebero Stool series represent his bold approach to design, imprinting cultural themes and patterns on wood, metal, leather and acrylic.

Jomo has participated in international design shows in Dubai, UAE, Venice, Italy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Lagos, Nigeria, Montreal, Canada, and most recently in Milan at the Salone del Mobile 2018. His work has been recognized by Interior Design magazine as “One of the most interesting finds of ICFF 2017

This will be an intimate conversation about what it is like being an industrial designer, the importance of bringing African inspired designs into the industry without the assumed narratives, and following/making passions happen in real time (i.e. how he manages to keep track of everything he is working on while still being internationally involved at shows).

AIGA DC Salons are intimate roundtable discussions where we can talk, share and learn with each other. It’s where the creative community can have in-depth conversations and connect with people that have similar interests, all before your work day begins.

Special Note: We apologize. This location is not wheelchair accessible.